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Fall 2018 Newsletter


Shepherd's Heartbeat is an international foundation designed to reach the lives of the hundreds and thousands of children affected by the ravages of war in Liberia. As a refugee, I know first hand of all the atrocities of war, the horror it leaves behind, and the countless hopes and dreams of young children that are left to fend for themselves. In this inaugural newsletter, we would like to share our previous activities and accomplishments and introduce you to the programs we offer so that you can become involved in our effort to bring hope to children filled with dreams.

A heartfelt thank you goes to all of the individuals and organizations which currently sponsor a child. Through your sacrifice and dedication, children have the hope of a promising future.

Partner With A Child Sponsorship Program

We have twenty (20) children in the program. Eight (8) of whom have sponsors and twelve (12) are still waiting to be sponsored.

A Sponsorship donation of $360 annually or a monthly donation of $30 provides access to life-changing benefits like school fees, school supplies, tuition and uniforms, clothing and footwear. In some cases, it provides safe and secure housing and food for our most vulnerable kids.

Partnership With Judith Craigh's Children's Village

We have continued to work closely with the Judith Craigh Children's Village.Some of the children at the village are being sponsored through our "Partner with a Child Sponsorship program". We donated footwear and back to school supplies to every child at the village during my mission trip in September 2018.

Making Education Accessible To All [MEATA] Project

We partner with the MEATA project at the United Methodist University in Liberia to provide digital voice recorders for visually impaired students. In the absence of a special needs computer lab, digital voice recorders enable these students to record lectures and later transcribe them at their own pace.

We started this partnership in 2016, and two of the students have since graduated from the university. During my recent trip to Liberia; I presented one of our visually impaired students with a laptop designed to meet his special needs.

Young Parent Empowering Program (YPEP)

In 2018 we partnered with the Social Works Department at the ELWA Hospital in Paynesville, Liberia to launch the YPEP program. Teenage pregnancy is on the rise in Liberia. This program engages young girls ages 13-21, who are pregnant. We involve both the mother to be and the father to be to ensure that the capacity of both parents is enhanced, and empower them to provide adequate care for their child(ren).

Project 2019

  • Setting up a computer lab at the Judith Craig Children's Village.

  • Collecting school supplies for our next distribution.

  • Secure sponsors for the remaining children in our sponsorship program and grow the program to include additional children in need.

How to Become Involved

We are in need of school supplies such as: pencils, paper, pens, backpacks, erasers, rulers, and pencil sharpeners. Please consider running a school supply drive at your school, church or organization.

Contact: Clarice Richards


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