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The Boy With The Blue Backpack

I work with Clarice, who introduced me to her amazing work with children in Liberia. I first made a small donation, as she is a co-worker and it's nice to support each other at work. As I listened to her tell stories of so many unfortunate children in Africa, I decided I wanted to help. I asked her to give me a project. I was happy to go to the store and pick up the goodies, it made me feel useful. I was happy to bring my gifts to work and help out.

Shortly after that donation, Clarice came to me with a beautiful boy (Abraham) with the blue backpack I sent. Clarice said to me, "See how you touched someone's life?" I was so happy to be able to give a few simple gifts that made a difference in someone's life.

My darling Abraham has suffered so much in his short 14 years. He has seen terrible things and lost so much, it's heartbreaking, yet his will to live and get an education is so impressive.

My father always instilled in me to be independent and get an education. It did take me a long time to finally get my BSN degree, but through hard work and help all along the way I finally achieved my goal.

I am fortunate to have a good job that allows me to help Abraham. It is time to give back for all the help I received on my educational journey. It gives me a great pleasure to help Abraham and I thank Clarice for introducing him to me.

I loved Abraham the moment I saw his beautiful face with the blue backpack. She said to me, "See how you touched someone's life?" for me it is the other way around, he touched my life. I look forward to communicating with him and hope to one day meet face to face.

Love you, Abraham.

Your Sponsor,

Jane M.

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