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How We Put Our Mission Into Practice

Partnership with Judith Craigh Children's Village of the United Methodist Church.

This collaboration helps provide food, personal hygiene items, school supplies and clothing for children in desperate situations. We are dedicated to providing educational opportunity to these vulnerable children.


Vision For The Future

Tackling the Issue

In the future, Shepherd's Heartbeat anticipates building its own home to house children displaced or devastated by life circumstances.

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MEATA Project

Making Education Accessible To All

Shepherd’s Heartbeat provides digital voice recorders to visually impaired students at the Methodist University in Monrovia.

We partner with the MEATA project at the United Methodist University to provide digital voice recorders for visually impaired students. In the absence of a special needs computer lab, digital voice recorders enable these students to record lectures and later transcribe them at their own pace.


We started this partnership in 2016, and two of the students have since graduated from the university.

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