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2019 Newsletter

Shepherd’s Heartbeat works tirelessly to aid children in Liberia left vulnerable or destitute by circumstances beyond their control. We know firsthand of the atrocities of war, the horror it leaves behind, and the countless hopes and dreams of young children that are left to fend for themselves.

We are so thankful for all who came alongside Shepherd’s Heartbeat in 2019 to offer tangible hope and assistance to these precious young lives. As you read this report on the 2019 projects, partners, and mission trip, please continue to keep Shepherd’s Heartbeat in prayer and support the work in Liberia. Your partnership is invaluable to the future of these children.


The Young Parent Empowering Program (YPEP) empowers teen parents to provide adequate care for their children. On August 13, 2019, the program celebrated its one-year anniversary!


Many rural village clinics in Liberia have no medicine to treat their patients; yet they fight to continue to offer hope. Thanks to God and our partners, we were able to send thousands of dollars’ worth of medical supplies and equipment to four hospitals and clinics in 2019!

The Medical Equipment Recovery of Clean Inventory (MERCI) collected the supplies, which were then shipped to Liberia by WeRemnant, a US-based non-profit organization with a mission to help the underprivileged around the world. The recipients of the much-needed equipment were: Esther & Robinson Health Center, ELWA Hospital, Healthline Community Clinic, and C. H. Rennie Hospital.


The computer lab for children residing at the Judith Craigh Children's Village of the United Methodist Church was completed in November 2019.


The House of Refuge (HOR) is home to orphans and abandoned children in Liberia. Due to lack of resources, HOR can only afford to feed their children one cooked meal every other day. Shepherd’s Heartbeat is solely responsible for feeding and caring for children residing at the orphanage.

We are excited to share that we began an agricultural project in July to grow food supplements on location! This will provide a sustainable food source for the children in the orphanage.


Shepherd’s Heartbeat is pleased to report on the following impact and activities during the mission

trip in November 2019.

Many adolescent girls in Liberia are too poor to afford menstrual pads every month. Because of this, they miss classes and stay home from school, sometimes for an entire week, while they use whatever may be available.

In response, Shepherd’s Heartbeat partnered with the Days for Girls Newark Delaware Team which makes reusable menstrual pads. We distributed 170 reusable menstrual kits to these girls in need, thus restoring dignity and providing consistency in their education.

Underwear is the most under-donated and most needed article of clothing. The Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at Penn Medicine hosted a Dignity Drive for Liberia to collect this valuable item. During the drive, a total of 900 pairs of underwear were collected for distribution during the mission trip!

We also distributed other items, such as footwear, clothing, and school supplies.

More than 700 children were reached in 2019 through in-kind support and financial donations, and 14 children were supported through the Child Sponsorship Program!

Shepherd’s Heartbeat purchased bunk beds for the children at the House of Refuge. The children are now sleeping on beds for the very first time!


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