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We have twenty (20) children in the program. Eight (8) of whom have sponsors and twelve (12) are still waiting to be sponsored.

A Sponsorship donation of $360 annually or a monthly donation of $30 provides access to life-changing benefits like school fees, school supplies, tuition and uniforms, clothing and footwear. In some cases it provides safe and secure housing and food for our most vulnerable kids.  

Partner With A Child

Bungalee, K

Age: 13

My Story:

Bungalee lost both his parents to the Ebola virus. Bungalee also contracted Ebola, but survived. Because of the virus he is suffering with Kidney complications and receives treatment at the SOS Clinic to maintain his Kidneys. Bungalee was cared for under the Methodist University COSEO (Community Support for Ebola Orphans), which was discontinued due to lack of funding, leaving 200 children without support to rebuild their lives, including Bungalee. 

Abraham H.

Age 14

My Story:

Abraham used to live in a slum community called West Point, which was recently devastated by the Ebola virus and sea erosion. During this crisis, they also lost their small zinc shack, in which they lived, and all their belongings to sea erosion. Abraham and his family now live with relatives. This has disrupted Abraham’s ability to continue school. He is very studious and ambitious, and desires to continue his education, but does not have the resources. Your support will allow him the opportunity to continue to attend school.


Abraham and his family lost their home to erosion and became displaced. After Shepherd's Heartbeat intervention; Abraham is now living at the Judith Craigh Children's Village of the United Methodist Church

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